Guardians of the galaxy


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Guardians of the Galaxy is up there with the best Marvel films to date. I doubt I’m going to say anything new but I reckon GotG might be the best film i’ve seen this year, i’m certain it’s the most fun. In fact I plan on going to see it again this weekend. From start to finish GotG is a joy, it brilliantly sets it’s tone from the opening titles and doesn’t let up till the end titles are rolling.

James Gunn has done an astounding job bringing these characters to life. Ever since i saw the first trailer I had the feeling that they’d nailed this film, I was shocked to read people were wary that this might be the first Marvel film that might flop, for me it was never in doubt. GotG captures some of that original Star Wars magic. Like GotG could just be another story that starts in the famous Cantina, another group of celestial misfits telling their own tales.

The only negatives things I have to say about the film are that I thought Gamora and Nebula were a bit of a disappointment, Gamora in particular wasn’t as badass as I anticipated her being and was more demoted to potential love interest. Considering that the interweb has made such a big deal about this film being written by a woman I thought the female characters were a bit weak. I also thought a couple of the comedic moments broke the flow of the story a bit, but they are minor irks. Just go and see it, i’ll write some more about it another time, and will probably do some more art. I just wanted to get this review up.